The concept

Companions, not throwaways

Toodot was founded to stay. We want to make fashion without having to follow every trend. Therefore, we have deliberately decided to dispence with every needless gimmick to create the essence of a garment: Functional, well-cut and timelessly beautiful.

We do not produce in collection intervals, but keep expanding our range continuously.

All our products are made of one raw material: cotton. This raw material is organically grown and also processed in Turkey. All according to the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard. Thus, both the working conditions as well as the final product itself can be called "clean".

The Stores

Here and there

You can either buy our clothes in our onlineshop, at, at or in one of the stores listed below.

If you have any suggestions where we could also be sold, just write us an email.

Louisenstraße 3
01099 Dresden

Könneritzstraße 95
04229 Leipzig

Zwätzengasse 15a
07743 Jena
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glore hamburg
Glashüttenstraße 5
20357 Hamburg

Donnerschweerstraße 60
26123 Oldenburg

Buntentorsteinweg 85
28201 Bremen

Breite Str. 17
33602 Bielefeld

Brunnenstraße 32
40223 Düsseldorf

Dorotheenstraße 20
Eingang Ackerstraße
40235 Düsseldorf

Heiliger Weg 48
44135 Dortmund

native souls
Südring 15 / Ecke Brüderstraße
44787 Bochum

gruene wiese
Spiekerhof 29
48143 Münster

Moltkestraße 31
79098 Freiburg

glore nürnberg
Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 24
90402 Nürnberg

The contact

Suggestions, criticism, laud

You have a store and want to add toodot to your assortment? You have further questions about the production? You have problems with your order? Just let us know:

Simon Strotmann
Mathildenstraße 10
20357 Hamburg

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